BWI Video: How to Grab Your Audience's Attention

Beach Walk Insights - Volume 1, Issue 13 - Play time 3m 2s 

You've built your presentation, rehearsed your script and are ready to deliver. Regardless of how good your slides are, or how much time you have spent preparing, you will have just 90 seconds to grab your audience's attention. 

At the average speaking pace, 90s amounts to approximately 250 words. You might think that 250 words aren't enough to grab people's attention. On the other hand, 250 words can be memorised - and this is the point. If those words are scripted and well rehearsed, you'll stand a much better chance of engaging your audience.

In this edition of Beach Walk Insights Chris explores various methods you can use to grab attention at the start of your presentations. 

Posted on September 5, 2014 .