Design Principles: Temporal Contiguity (3/7)

Beach Walk Insights - Volume 2, Issue 12 - Play time 1m 38s

In the third episode of this mini-series I take a closer look at the third multimedia design principle, which came from the excellent research conducted by Prof. RE Mayer, J Sweller et al. 

This principle says that the tighter the synchronicity between narration and supporting graphics, the easier it is for the audience to follow the line of argument.

All to often I see presenters display huge amounts of information on their slides, while they rabbit on explaining it all. This forces members of the audience to choose between digesting the large amount information on the slide, or listening to the presenter. This approach can overload an audience to the extent that they remember little of the presentation.

Tight synchronisation between the narration and supporting graphics maximises audience engagement and retention. 

Posted on April 10, 2015 and filed under Seven Design Principles, BWI.