BWI Video: A Better Method to Get Your Product to Market

Beach Walk Insights - Volume 1, Issue 16 - Play time 3m 15s 

You were probably told when you were young that it's not about how badly you fall, but rather how you pick yourself back up after that fall. The same rule applies throughout life and in business - and it's exactly how you should be developing your products.

Key to the following method is getting your product to market as quickly as possible, and then refining and improving it from there onwards. To get your product 'market ready', identify niche industry experts to complete sections of your product. This speeds up the process as their particular expertise is directly relevant to your product.

Once your product has been launched, you must continue the development process creating new and improved versions - this is referred to as incremental progress. Fundamentally, behind this process, is the idea that learning from your mistakes is the fastest way of improving.

In this edition of Beach Walk Insights Chris explores how a fast product launch, followed by incremental progress, is the most efficient  and quickest way of getting your products developed.


Your Action Plan:

  • Identify niche experts who are relevant to your products
  • Implement a plan to develop your product post product launch
Posted on September 26, 2014 .