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Design Principles: Coherence (4/7)

Beach Walk Insights - Volume 2, Issue 13 - Play time 49s

In the fourth episode of this mini-series I take a closer look at the fourth multimedia design principle, which came from the excellent research conducted by Prof. RE Mayer, J Sweller et al. 

This principle is as simple as it is important - and yet it's frequently overlooked. When applied well, the 'coherence' principle ensures that there is a consistent message running through your argument/presentation - and that all your associated material is linked to supporting your case.

All too often people 'over-present' - they deliver way too much material, in the hope that if they throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick. This is very inefficient, not to mention confusing. Audiences quite simply 'lose the thread'.

Create a more successful presentation by focusing on a key message. If your information supports this message, there's a far greater chance of your audience (a) being convinced by your point of view and (b) remembering your message.

Posted on April 17, 2015 and filed under BWI, Seven Design Principles.