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BWI Video: How to Make Good Presentation Handouts

Beach Walk Insights - Volume 1, Issue 11 - Play time 3m 31s 

As a presenter, you will often be asked for a copy of your presentation slides, so they can be given to your audience as a handout. However, slides and handouts are two very different items even though many people don't recognise this.

The main purpose of a slide is to help the audience remember your message. To keep the audience focus on you, make sure your slides don't contain much text and certainly no bullet point lists. Your handouts, on the other hand, need to be useful to the audience when you're no longer there to explain your message. For this reason, your handouts should contain much more detail than your slides. 

On this edition of Beach Walk Insights Chris explores the difference between slides and handouts, and explains how you best use each of them to help your audience remember your message.

Posted on August 22, 2014 and filed under BWI.