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Great Communicators: Leonard Cohen

Beach Walk Insights - Volume 1, Issue 18 - Play time 2m 35s 

Your ability to communicate will have played a large role in your success in life, in a similar way that it has played a crucial role throughout our history. In celebration of his 80th birthday, we’d like to call out Leonard Cohen as one of the world’s ace communicators – with a nod towards how his writing might help you in business.

While his music might be an acquired taste, his poetry probably has wider appeal. His ability to get a message, concept or emotion across in the most minimalist way makes his writing a joy to read. He demonstrates a skill few people possess.

This minimalist approach is something which isn't commonly seen in business. Too often business presentations, brochures or even websites bury their key messages in copious quantities of irrelevant material.

This dilution of messages has a negative impact on businesses. Clients neither know nor understand what’s on offer. If you carefully craft your message in a concentrated form, you will see an improved return on your time and effort.

In this ‘Great Communicators’ episode of Beach Walk Insights, Chris explores how Leonard Cohen’s minimalist approach is a perfect model for you in your business communications.


Your Action Plan

  •  Look at previous examples of your writing, seeking out words or phrases that don’t add value.
  • Prior to writing new material, spend time clarifying the objective and write to that objective using as few words as you can.  
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