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BWI Video: Why You Should be More Relevant than Politicians

Beach Walk Insights - Volume 2, Issue 9 - Play time 2m 34s

We are fast approaching the UK General Election. It takes place in May and politicians are spending huge amounts of time trying to win people's votes.

In the build up to an election many of the main political parties get together to have a televised public debate. And, one by one, they have all laid out their terms - who they want to be there, who they don't want to be there, etc.

For me, and many other people, the televised debates are irrelevant.  People may watch for general interest or entertainment, but the idea that these debates will influence how people vote is misguided. In this sense the politicians involved view the whole endeavour as being more relevant than it actually is in the minds of the voting public.To me, the politicians have committed the sin of believing their own advertising.

Being truly relevant to your customers and the marketplace you serve is critical. So make sure you do a better job than the politicians currently are in the UK. 


Posted on March 20, 2015 and filed under BWI.