Successful Speaking Secrets Quick Reference


Successful Speaking Secrets Quick Reference


Chris Davidson’s award winning book offers tips on business networking and public speaking, presented in a  unique, convenient, pocket sized format, measuring approximately 9 x 17cm (3½ x 7 inches). 

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An award winning author's tips on business networking and public speaking, presented in a unique, convenient, pocket sized format, measuring approximately 9 x 17cm (3½ x 7 inches).

This book will help you deliver effective business presentations. It will also help you overcome a fear of public speaking, in addition to explaining why public speaking is important.

The 64 pages lead with two chapters on networking, before moving on to public speaking. The main body of the book shows how to overcome the fear of public speaking and would be equally useful for sales presentation training as well as for making the five minute presentation to the weekly staff meeting. There is a chapter addressing PowerPoint presentation and the closing chapters give more information on social networking sites and other internet resources.

The full table of contents is presented below, along with a description for each chapter:

  1. Value networking and presenting 
    An introduction to networking and public speaking, illustrating the differences and similarities between the two.

  2. Network with confidence 
    This chapter examines business networking in detail and provides public speaking tips that you could use at business networking lunches and other business networking events.

  3. Define the purpose of your presentation
    When designing audio visual presentations and thinking how to deliver effective business presentations, people often neglect the most basic requirement, which is to have a clear message of benefit to the audience.

  4. Structure your message
    The presentation tips in this chapter focus on structuring information for effective business presentations. The author provides a four stage structure suitable for use in all your business presentations, including those delivered at business to business networking events.

  5. Make them sit up and take notice
    The start of any public speaking performance is critical and this chapter tells you exactly how you should start your business presentation for maximum impact.

  6. Put the power in PowerPoint
    PowerPoint presentations are a vital part of every day business life and yet so many of them are crushingly boring. This chapter shows you how to make a PowerPoint presentation that will knock their socks off!

  7. Look and feel confident
    This chapter focuses on confidence and how to be confident. The key to confidence on stage lies in breathing and this chapter outlines a breathing exercise that you can use to increase your confidence.

  8. Time your presentation perfectly
    Over-running your public speaking engagement is poor practice and is sure to upset your audience. This chapter gives you tips for finishing on time and what to do if circumstances force a last minute change of plan.

  9. Don't do it like this
    A consolidated list of what not to do when it comes to public speaking.

  10. Make the most of the internet
    More information on business networking and social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

  11. Find out more
    Where to go for more tips on public speaking and business networking.

  12. Competitive difference checklists
    This chapter contains two checklists. One for business networking and one for presentations.